I’m an English guy living with my family in sunny Florida. I adopted Hinduism as my religion in 2000.
I’ve gone through a huge learning process. I’m keen to discuss Hinduism particularly with other westerners who are keen to learn. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @fuegopazzo


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  1. syamukamath says:


  2. Rob says:


    I am very pleased to have found your blog. I have been slowly realising over the past four years just how much I am drawn to the Hindu faith (this culminated in the realisation of how much the spiritual practices within Hinduism resonate with me at the funeral of a friend’s mother this past week – they are Hindu). I am trying to find a way to learn more – do you have any suggestions on where to start?

    • anglohindu says:

      Mmm. Firstly. I’m glad you found me too. I haven’t written in it for ages. Nudge me if you want more content. As far as pursuing the religion, when I was researching to write a website I got most of my info from ‘Hindunet’. Lots of useful stuff. Oh. Read my blog obviously. Ask me lots of questions. I’m very welcoming to newcomers.
      If you have a Hindu friend find out if they would take you to a Hindu temple. There are also plenty of other blogs and websites that cater to fellow westerners you might want to checkout. Good luck and keep in touch.

  3. AngloHindu, could you email me through my website: http://www.krishnaland.com,
    thanks, Vdas

    • Hi, I haven’t looked at my blog in some time and just came across your message. What can I do for you? I imagine it has something to do with images I have used. If you want them removed or attributed please let me know

      • krishnaland says:

        wow! old message I guess, can;t even remember it. I suppose if it had anything to do with using my art on your website then I was probably asking you to remove it. I have asked that of lots of website people! thanks ! Vdas

      • Im sorry it took me so long, I don’t use the site much. If you would like me to post about your site as way of promotion by way of apology I would be glad to. I removed the artwork by the way. I still have this print waiting to be hung on my wall. It’s my favourite piece of art

  4. kalyanaramanchennai says:

    Very glad see your blog. The following links may help you to listen big collection of audio teaching by Swami Paramarthananda which enlighten you. I wish you for real happy living, Kalyana Raman
    (Swamiji’s website) http://www.vedantavidyarthisangha.org/

  5. Kyle Tortora says:

    Hello AngloHindu,
    I am happy I have found your blog and have been going thru your older posts. It seems that I have been on a similar path in that I have just recently begun my journey into Hinduism as a practice. I have been traveling to India for years. I make a living selling Hindu and Buddhist sculpture (www.lotussculpture.com) but have just within the past couple of years fully gotten into the spiritual side of what I do. I have always been intrigued by eastern religions and majored in them in university but I have just recently taken it to another level. I look forward to hearing more from you….
    Warm wishes,

    • anglohindu says:

      HI Kyle, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long. I stopped using the account. Then recently I opened it up and noticed how many hits I was still getting. I hope that you are well and doing well on your journey. I will be posting more. Promise 🙂

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