This blog was produced to provide information to interested people regarding Hinduism, the features of a Hindu temple and services conducted there. In it I’ve tried to avoid a discourse on aspects of life in India, however the two are so intertwined it is not always possible to separate them. It is very much a beginners guide to Hinduism and represents much common information available on the Internet and in books. I realize that Hinduism is very diverse and the concepts presented do not pertain to all Hindus. I’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible and to give information that is frequently reported to avoid mistakes.

Another reason for writing this site was to educate myself. I like many site visitors am an Anglo. But, like so many people, have turned to Eastern religion for insights into life and living. I have been attending Hindu temples for about 8 years and think of myself as a follower of Sanatana Dharma with a preference of Lord Krishna though I still like many other forms of God. My family attends services at a local (Orlando) temple and I will use them in this site as examples of architecture and features of a Hindu Temple.

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  1. Namaste,
    I am also a Western follower of Hinduism. I have been maintaining a list of blogs by western converts to Hinduism and I have added yours to the page.. I will write some more later, I am just getting ready for work now.

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