Nepal Earthquake Donations, local help numbers etc

I was shocked to read when I woke up that a 7.9 earthquake had hit Nepal. It had at the time already taken the lives of over 700 people. (Now 1400 @ 1pm est)

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I pray for the people of Nepal especially those who have lost a loved one or has missing relatives. This saddens me as a human, a Hindu, and a Mountaineer.

I cannot do much to help but I can at least share links to the credible relief agencies that are taking donations. I will also try to share as much info as possible. I will put this out unfinished , and updated frequently, to be as effective as possible

LOCAL (Nepal) phone numbers

Police emergency number: 4228435/4226853

Metropolitan police range (Kathmandu): +977 4261945/ +977 4261790

Metropolitan police range (Lalitpur): +977 5521207

Metropolitan police range (Bhaktapur): +977 6614821

Red cross ambulance service: +977 4228094


24 hour Control Room for queries regarding tragedy. Ministry of External Affairs India
+91 11 2301 2113
+91 11 2301 4104
+91 11 2301 7905


Missing People

Find missing family members using Google Person Finder Service specifically for the disaster



I will post the most effective,  genuine links only, so there may only be a few

Oxfam– read Oxfam’s response including actions they are taking, includes link to donate

Save the children

Red Cross Nepal relief fund


A lot of people seem to also be suggesting the Prime Minister of India’s National Disaster Relief Fund . This one is confusing me at the moment. Obviously they have sent a huge amount of aid very quickly, but the wording of the conditions on the page is confusing. If I see the Indian Government are suggesting it I will post it up. If you have any info please let me know > @fuegopazzo




Much more to follow. Pls comment via @fuegopazzo for speed

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