Bhagwan is with you. Are you doing this?

I like to study various religions to find commonality and to see that people are people, the world over. That we are more alike than we are different. More problems arise between different groups of people because of a lack of understanding and empathy than anything else.

Anyway, one of the things that I’ve been studying for some time is a text called ‘A course in miracles’ fundamentally it’s Christian in origin, but I can read outside the box and apply it Universally, irrespective of what religion you might follow. The concepts should apply to anyone. If you haven’t read it please do, it’s lengthy but excellent. It’s also on YouTube as a free audiobook. One of the concepts that I’ve started using from the book, is that of recognising that God is within you. Not a new concept but one that I’ve been applying at various different times in the form of visualising. I’ve even used this while out jogging. Seeing Krishna running alongside me (Annoyingly, but obviously not out of breath) is good impetus when I’m flagging. It’s simple to do while I’m jogging but somehow I forget when I face real difficulty like recently when a beloved family pet died. This completely destroyed me and my family and should have been the time for visualising God, but I didn’t. Instead I suffered the grief.

Does anyone else visualise God, either in times of need or routinely? Please share.

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Needed India heritage stem cell donor to save Kaiya

URGENT: Kaiya needs a stem cell donor. Her Indian heritage means her matching donor will most likely be someone from a similar background. Can you help spread the word?


Contact using link below if you can help. Please share


If you would like to Subscribe please hit the link

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Bhagavad Gita quote- Daily?

I haven’t posted in a long while, but I saw this quote and it reminded me of things I’ve been reading in A Course In Miracles. So it speaks to a crossover within religions which speaks to a Universal nature

Chapter 6 – Shloka 9

Suhrinmitraary udaaseena madhyastha dweshya bandhushu;
Saadhushwapi cha paapeshu samabuddhirvishishyate.

He who is of the same mind to the good-hearted, friends, enemies, the indifferent, theneutral, the hateful, the relatives, the righteous and the unrighteous, excels.

Do you have any favorite Gita verses? Should I post more?

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Ganesh Chaturthi in Paris : Reblog

Popular especially in the Maharashtra, Ganesha Chaturthi the birthday of Lord Ganesha is ritually celebrated among the Hindu community in Paris. The ritual begins within the temple with offerings and prayers to the deities prior to procession. The ceremonial procession opens up with musicians … While men carrying the deities towards their chariots for more […]

via A Hindu ritual in Paris — Travel Photo Media

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Nepal Earthquake Donations, local help numbers etc

I was shocked to read when I woke up that a 7.9 earthquake had hit Nepal. It had at the time already taken the lives of over 700 people. (Now 1400 @ 1pm est)

photos via zeenews and others

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I pray for the people of Nepal especially those who have lost a loved one or has missing relatives. This saddens me as a human, a Hindu, and a Mountaineer.

I cannot do much to help but I can at least share links to the credible relief agencies that are taking donations. I will also try to share as much info as possible. I will put this out unfinished , and updated frequently, to be as effective as possible

LOCAL (Nepal) phone numbers

Police emergency number: 4228435/4226853

Metropolitan police range (Kathmandu): +977 4261945/ +977 4261790

Metropolitan police range (Lalitpur): +977 5521207

Metropolitan police range (Bhaktapur): +977 6614821

Red cross ambulance service: +977 4228094


24 hour Control Room for queries regarding tragedy. Ministry of External Affairs India
+91 11 2301 2113
+91 11 2301 4104
+91 11 2301 7905


Missing People

Find missing family members using Google Person Finder Service specifically for the disaster



I will post the most effective,  genuine links only, so there may only be a few

Oxfam– read Oxfam’s response including actions they are taking, includes link to donate

Save the children

Red Cross Nepal relief fund


A lot of people seem to also be suggesting the Prime Minister of India’s National Disaster Relief Fund . This one is confusing me at the moment. Obviously they have sent a huge amount of aid very quickly, but the wording of the conditions on the page is confusing. If I see the Indian Government are suggesting it I will post it up. If you have any info please let me know > @fuegopazzo




Much more to follow. Pls comment via @fuegopazzo for speed

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Four years on…

Well, I’m back. It’s been 4 years since I’ve posted. Life caught up with me and turned me one direction and I guess now it has turned me back.

In a few months my family are facing homelessness due to eviction. I have 3 school age kids so understandably this has been very traumatic.  My wife started a crowdfunding campaign to help get us back on track .

I have turned to Bhagvan at this time to help and am praying on a daily basis. I’m actually getting much strength from the daily ritual, the smell of the incense and intense prayer. I have faith that a solution will be found. This overwhelming faith and belief in the Law of attraction I know will deliver solutions. For the sake of my children I pray it is so.

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Hanuman Chalisa vids

Check out the new additions of Hanuman Chalisa videos on the Videos page

both have the words and one is useful for learning the words as it is very slow

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