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Hindu scriptures

Scriptures     The Vedas are the HolyScriptures of Hinduism. Literally Veda means knowledge or wisdom.Because the Rishis or sages had the Vedas channelled to them whilst in deep meditative states, they have been described as apaurusheya, i.e., not created … Continue reading

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new postings

Namaste/Namaskar/Haribol/Hari Om/Hi, So tonight I posted a little info on Sri Ram Parivar. Also take a look at the videos page. There’s a new edition. It’s  a trailer for a Video collection called “Little Krishna”. Please take a look, it’s … Continue reading

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About last night.

Ok, I haven’t written regular blog stuff thus far so here goes. Last  night I visited my temple in Orlando (Shri Shivdham Hindu temple) . We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the installation of Sri Radhakrishna at the … Continue reading

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Sri RadhaKrishna

Sri RadhaKrishna Before I begin I must say that Lord Krishna is my Ishta Devata and so I have more than a a soft spot for Sri Radha Krishna. Oh and if you read only one Holy Hindu book make … Continue reading

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