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Before I begin I must say that Lord Krishna is my Ishta Devata and so I have more than a a soft spot for Sri Radha Krishna. Oh and if you read only one Holy Hindu book make it the Bhagavad Gita, a guidebook on how to conduct your life.

Lord Krishna is one of the most commonly worshiped deities in the Hindu religion. He is considered to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Sri Krishna delivered the most popular sacred Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita on the battlefield to Arjuna. You may also see Lord Krishna’s name written  is also written as kṛṣṇa.

He, like Lord Rama, is also known for his bravery in destroying evil powers throughout his life. The Lord is usually depicted as playing the flute (murali), indicating spread of the melody of love to people.

He is also shown with his consort Radha, also known as Rukmini. The Lord is usually remembered and worshipped as Radha-Krishna. Shri Radha is the feminine aspect and Shakti (power) of Lord Krishna and is non-different from Krishna.The pair symbolize the eternal love between people and god.

Radha being a beloved of Shri Krishna is known as “Radhika”.

Brajbhoomi where Lord Krishna was born comprises the twin cities of Mathura and Vrindavan. It is not just a sacred land where Lord Krishna was born and performed His pastimes (leela), It was here he found Radha.

Krishna’s birth story -the basics

On the day Kamsa was traveling with his newly married sister and her husband Vasudeva to their new home,   a voice from the heavens conveyed to him that the eighth child of Devki would kill Kamsa.

Consequently, he imprisoned the couple and started killing their children, year after year. Seven children were lost but the eighth one – the Lord escaped the hands of the butcher and lived on to slay Kamsa later. Lord Krishna was born at midnight on the 8th day of the dark half of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September) and was brought to Vrindavan by Vasudeva (Krishna’s father) on the same night to save Him from Kamsa.

He was brought up in Vrindavan by the cowherd family of Yashoda and Nanda Raja. Radha was the loveliest of all the cowgirls. She was the wife of Ayana. Radha was a childhood friend and soulmate of Krishna and the two were inseparable as playmates and later as lovers. Theirs was a love hidden from society, as Radha was married. Lord Krishna had to leave Vrindavan. He became a king, defeated innumerable enemies . And yet it is said Radha kept waiting for him to come back to her. Her love for Krishna is considered so divine and so pure that Radha herself obtained the status of a deity, with her name being inseparably linked to that of Krishna. Most of Krishna’s images are considered complete when Radha stands by his side.

 No other gopi in Vrindavana has such a significant name as Sri Radha. Of course, all the Braja gopis love Lord Krishna. However, compared to Radhika’s ocean of love for Krishna, the other gopis are merely pools, ponds and rivers.

Radha’s love for Krishna is all consuming and compels her to ignore her family honor and disregard her husband. Radha serves as a symbol for all of the Gopi girls’ love for Krishna.

Krishna led a very pampered and amorous life in the Gokul, alongside thousands of gopicas, the cowherdresses who were all enthralled at His beauty and were thrilled whenever He played the flute. There are numerous playful instances of Krishna, playing mischief with the gopikas including breaking their butter pots.

Radha Krishna is the original principle of loving relationships (conjugal Love).

Real transcendental and spiritual love exists between Radha and Krishna. The love between the two representing an ideal suggesting that real love should be on a soul level not just skin deep.

I will be adding to this post as I need to add more on the many stories of Krishna, Geeta, Govardhana hill etc

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  1. Very well written!!

    But the following part is debtable.
    “… (conjugal Love). The sex principle exists in the Absolute in its pure form without any inebriety or impurity, …”

    My viewbelow on the debatable part:-
    God (Krishna) exists without any form of desire. Since He has powers of transforming Himself into Radha and remains very well aware that He transformed as Radha before Him, is He Himself; it is doubtful that sex can be the binding relationship between these two form of Krishna. The sex is the relationship when there are two different entities or the entities may be same but under the illusion that they are different!! It is the humans who are prone to illusion, the God (Krishna) is the master of illusion (MAYA) and is never ever under the effect of MAYA. The Radha is the divine form of Krishna and the world is the material form of Krishna; we are devoid of any powers and are nothing but spectators rather witnesses. This is the fundamental difference between the God and Humans. The whole world or Universe gets created by the God’s will whereas nothing happens according to the will of the Humans (however combined!). It is nothing but chance that GOD has such powers else He is indifferentiable from the common soul, He Himself has admitted it innumerable times. Had there been no power with GOD, the world would have been impossible although the souls would have existed. Usually the power and owner are different, but in case of GOD, power and owner are same! God is the owner of power and He Himself is the power!! That is why Krishna incarnation is said to be composed of elements, each of which is Krishna Himself. We are lucky that the GOD (Krishna) is benevolent beyond words and Himself looks after the ones who seek Him for ending the world sorrows for ever; at the same time we are unluckiest as we get carried away by the ephemeral pleasures thereby loosing a permanent solution of happiness.

  2. Thank you for this info. Please post more on Lord Krishna in the future. :]

    1. Yes. I have a lot to add for Lord Krishna. I want to add lots of stories. I’m adding some you tube videos you should watch of Nickelodeon India’s “Little Krishna” show. If only I spoke Hindi or it was in English!
      He is my Ishtadevata, I found Hinduism through ISKCON and though I no longer follow their style of Hinduism Lord Krishna is still my favourite. ISKCON views Lord Ganesha as a Demigod and I can’t follow that view besides I like coffee too much!

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