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So tonight I posted a little info on Sri Ram Parivar. Also take a look at the videos page. There’s a new edition. It’s  a trailer for a Video collection called “Little Krishna”. Please take a look, it’s quite beautiful and could be good for teaching kids about Lord Krishna and  his pastimes. Incidentally it is showing on Nickelodeon India currently or very soon and is for sale already.

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  1. There’s also a cartoon about Lord Ganesh. The animation/graphics aren’t as good as Little Krishna but it’s still really cute. Here’s one with english subtitles:

    I can’t find part 1 so that’s I’m giving it to you @ Part 2.

    Also, I wanted to share my favorite mantra with you:

    1. I just realized you already had Gayatri up, except it’s a different verson. Sorry about that!

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